Dashboard Changelog

04 September 2019
  • CMS Overview Page: Small redesign to better include the adder/settings/drag buttons.
29 August 20191.0Major

We are happy to annouce Voicehub 1.0 today! We would like to thank our Beta testers for their feedback, which we took into account while developing this version. Our first major release brings many new features and functionality to the platform:

  • Removed Models: Models are gone. While they have their use cases, the vast majority does not require them and would be better of with a solution that is both quicker to setup and easier to understand and maintain, which is described in the following point.
  • Improved Posts: Posts are now much more flexible, as they do not rely on models anymore. You can add, remove, rename, even reorder fields inside posts as you like. When creating a post, you can also simply copy over an existing post, thereby inheriting its existing strucutre and content, so you do not have to build the structure from scratch everytime.
  • Improved Post Page: Complete redesign with a cleaner and more intuitive UI. You can also change the order of the fields now simply by drag-n-drop. Also, you can now schedule and tag posts!
  • New Post Scheduling: You can now supply a schedule for your posts on the post page. This allows you to filter for relevant posts when retrieving them.
  • New Post Tagging: You can now supply tags for your posts on the post page. This allows you to filter for relevant posts when retrieving them.
  • New States: States are a new component on Voicehub. As we received more and more feedback, it was clear that intents as the highest entity do not make sense in many cases. Instead, content within an intent can be highly depending on the state of the application. Therefore, states are now the highest entity, which hold different intents, which then hold the posts.
  • New Analytics: The retention page is now live. See how often your users come back to your app.
  • Some minor improvements in the analytics section, but this section will get a major update very soon as well.
03 July 2019
  • Post Page: Fixed a bug where only the last modification of a post field in the draft stage had been published upon clicking publish.
  • Analytics Date Range Selector: The date range selector now highlights the relevant dates for the active voice app, being the creation date as the start date and today as the last date.
26 June 2019
  • New Card Builder: Our card builder lets you build and preview cards for both Alexa and Google Assistant. Developers can integrate these cards directly into their responses. Cards also support dynamic parameters. Both Alexa simple and standard cards with images are supported, and also Google basic cards.
19 June 2019
  • New Generic App Type: You can now not only create Alexa Skills or Google Actions, but also generic voice apps on Voicehub. Choosing the "Generic/Framework" leaves out the boilerplate material and lets you create exactly what you need. This option is ideal for working with frameworks, resulting in a single codebase for multiple platforms, or completely different voice apps not bound to anything specific.
18 June 2019
  • New Parameter Page: The new parameter page gives you a quick overview over all your dynamic parameters used in all your models. You can also quickly add them to a model there.
  • SSML Editor: Including parameters in the content has been simplified. There is now a dropdown () for quickly adding existing parameters into the content and also creating a new one on the spot.
  • SSML Editor: The formula tool () is now live. You can write any kind of arithmetic expression using your parameters as variables and insert it into the content.
17 June 2019
  • SSML Editor: You can now use both seconds and milliseconds for your SSML breaks.
14 June 2019
  • Post Page: Implemented "Quick Integration" function, displaying ready-to-copy-paste SDK examples and API urls.
13 June 2019
  • Voice App Selector: Fixed a bug where the app selector would not change the page content properly.
  • Model Builder: Small re-design for the model Builder page to make it less bulky.
07 June 2019
  • Post Page: Small re-design for the post page to make it less bulky.
06 June 2019
  • SSML Editor: You can now copy over content to an editor from other locales within the same field with just one click.
05 June 2019
  • SSML Editor: Fixed a bug where content after a SSML break was not showing.
04 June 2019

Initial beta release!

API Changelog

29 August 2019

Our first major release brings a couple of changes to the API.

Property Changes
  • post.state_id: New state_id property to indicate the state the post is in.
  • post.field_order: New field_order property containg the display order of the post fields in the front end.
  • post.has_draft: New has_draft property to indicate if the post has a draft.
  • post.tags: New tags property (array of strings) holding the tags of the post.
  • post.schedule: New schedule property. Object containing start and end properties, being UTC timestamps.
  • post.model_id: Removed. Technically, this is a breaking change, however no API client was relying on this property.
  • localized: Every field in the post body has now the localized property (boolean).

There are multiple new routes with more filtering functionality. They are described in detail in the swagger reference.
  • Deprecated /v1/intents/*
    This route will be removed in a future release. The replacement is /v1/states/:stateId/intents/*.
  • New /v1/states/:id
  • New /v1/states/:id/intents/:intentId
  • New /v1/states/:id/intents/:intentId/posts

26 June 2019

New Element: Cards. It is now possible to attach cards to posts (see dashboard changelog above). The corresponding API reference has been added.

13 June 2019

Fixed a bug where parameter injection into content lists (arrays) threw a 500.

04 June 2019

Initial beta release!

Node.js SDK Changelog

04 September 2019

You can now make your speech output more variable and dynamic by calling a random element from a list. Create a new list of speech (or numbers) field, and when retrieving it, call .random() on that field.

29 August 2019

Our first major release brings the following changes to the SDK:

  • Removed voicehub().intent()
    Intent construction from the root instance has been removed. The reason is the new states entity. Older implementations relying on that method will continue to work until /v1/intents/* will be removed, as described the section above. Please use the following new method instead:
  • New voicehub().state()
    Construct a state from the voicehub instance with this method. You can then in the usual way construct an intent from that, so it is simply another method call going before the intent method.
  • New .intent(...).posts({ schedule, tags})
    The intent.posts method now has an object parameter with the 2 properties schedule and tags. Retrieve all posts from an intent matching the provided schedule or tags using this method.
Please check the SDK reference in the docs for more info.

27 June 2019

You can now reset all stored parameters of a user by providing an empty object to the .set() method, like this: user.set({}) and then save it: await user.save(); This will set all of the custom properties of the user to null.

17 June 2019

When you set a locale using .setLocale() and there is no field with that locale in a post accessed after that, you will now get the fallback content instead of an error when requesting a post field.

4 June 2019

Initial beta release!